Review: Let’s Get Lost – Adi Alsaid


Leila is on a road trip across America to see the northern lights. Along the way she meets Hudson, a car mechanic in pursuit of a college scholarship, Bree, a runaway who seizes every Tuesday, Elliot, a movie fanatic who will do anything for true love, and Sonia, a girl trying to balance love and loss at the same time.

I really enjoyed this novel. The story is told in five parts, the first four being the people she meets on her road trip, and the last being Leila herself. I really liked this set up of the novel, because it separated the different stories, making it easier to read.

I liked how even though the stories of each person are separate, Leila still mentioned the other people as she went on. It helped with the feeling of continuity in the novel. 

I loved how Leila reveals a little more about herself with each person she meets, until finally you find out her whole story. I even found myself tearing up a little bit when by the end of the novel. 

I think this novel was great because while Leila helps the people she meets, they also help her by teaching her much needed lessons.

This novel is perfect for lovers of John Green, as it reminded me of Paper Towns. I would recommend this novel to readers of John Green and other similar authors.


Review: Solitaire – Alice Oseman

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Solitaire is the debut novel from nineteen year old Alice Oseman. Full of wit, sarcasm and humour, Solitaire is an excellent Young Adult novel. It uses relatable characters to accurately depict modern teenage life.

I enjoyed the mystery that was created around Solitaire, and I found the antics of the group highly amusing. I especially liked the unexpected ending as it was not what I thought was going to happen. 

I loved the fact that Oseman used modern references, such as BBC Sherlock, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Supernatural, because I understood them and could relate with them. They made the book more enjoyable.

I thought that the character development of Tori was very well done, as she underwent great changes while still remaining the same sarcastic and witty character. I definitely enjoyed the character of Michael Holden, as he was a perfect friend despite his many flaws.

I would recommend Solitaire to teens who enjoyed the unflinchingly honest novels of John Green and Rainbow Rowell.

Review: Apple & Rain – Sarah Crossan

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Apple and Rain is a heartwarming novel from the author of the Carnegie shortlisted book, The Weight of Water. I really enjoyed this novel. 

In this novel many relationships are explored. Relationships involving parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and boys all have a place in this novel.

I especially loved the relationship between Apple and Rain. I enjoyed reading about how the relationship grew throughout the novel.

I really liked the character of Apple, because she has a clear and honest heart, even though she makes small mistakes. I loved how she matured throughout the book, and learned who and what really mattered to her. 

Apple and Rain is a fantastic, heartbreaking story about unconditional love and the strength of a young girl willing to do whatever it takes to keep her family together. I definitely would recommend this book.

Review: The Witch of Salt & Storm – Kendall Kulper

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All Avery Roe ever wanted to do was fulfill her destiny and become the next Roe witch of Prince Island. She patiently wait for the day that her grandmother would teach her how to work magic. But that dream is shattered when her mother takes her far away from the cottage of her grandmother, forbidding her to engage with magic. Avery spends the next few years doing all she can to activate her magic, but to no avail. To earn her magic and save the people of Prince Island, she has to return to her grandmother, before it’s too late.

I really enjoyed this novel. Avery was a very likable character. I liked how she was so determined. She was an incredibly loyal character, first to her grandmother, and then to Tane.

I really liked reading about the progression of the relationship between Avery and her mother. It was very interesting to see how the relationship underwent significant changes. 

I loved how Kulper described Prince Island. The language used was beautiful. I also loved how imagery of the sea was used. 

The relationship between Avery and Tane was wonderful. I loved reading about how their relationship developed.

My favourite chapter was the one in which Avery’s grandmother told her about the previous Roe witches.

 I really enjoyed this book. I definitely would recommend this book to lovers of stories involving witches and magic.

Review: True Calling – Siobhan Davis


True Calling is the debut novel from Irish author Siobhan Davis. The novel is set on Planet Novo, a planet created in the likeness of earth but far more technologically advanced. The people who live on Novo have been screened extensively to ensure that the new planet earth prospers. The only drawback to being chosen for this new planet is the fact that the government erased certain memories from the minds of the people.

For Ariana, this is the most confusing part of her new life. She can’t remember the people from her past who were left on earth, but at night she can see them in her dreams. Most specifically, she can see Zane.

When the government set up The Calling, a pageant set up to match up couples who would produce the most ideal offspring, Ariana has to decide between Cal, the boy she loves even though her father disapproves, or Zane, the boy that her father adores, even though Ariana cannot remember her life with him.

I liked the character of Ariana. I liked that she was a determined character who stood up for her beliefs. She was a strong female character who condemned the decision of the government to force women to procreate.

I enjoyed the dual perspective of Ariana and Zane. It was interesting to read about how life worked in both planets.

Although slow-paced at times, I enjoyed the compelling storyline and relatable cast of characters.

This novel would appeal to readers of The Hunger Games and Divergent.

*Thanks to Siobhan Davis for the photo of the novel.*