Review: The Witch of Salt & Storm – Kendall Kulper

IMG_3463 IMG_3464

All Avery Roe ever wanted to do was fulfill her destiny and become the next Roe witch of Prince Island. She patiently wait for the day that her grandmother would teach her how to work magic. But that dream is shattered when her mother takes her far away from the cottage of her grandmother, forbidding her to engage with magic. Avery spends the next few years doing all she can to activate her magic, but to no avail. To earn her magic and save the people of Prince Island, she has to return to her grandmother, before it’s too late.

I really enjoyed this novel. Avery was a very likable character. I liked how she was so determined. She was an incredibly loyal character, first to her grandmother, and then to Tane.

I really liked reading about the progression of the relationship between Avery and her mother. It was very interesting to see how the relationship underwent significant changes. 

I loved how Kulper described Prince Island. The language used was beautiful. I also loved how imagery of the sea was used. 

The relationship between Avery and Tane was wonderful. I loved reading about how their relationship developed.

My favourite chapter was the one in which Avery’s grandmother told her about the previous Roe witches.

 I really enjoyed this book. I definitely would recommend this book to lovers of stories involving witches and magic.


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