Review: Solitaire – Alice Oseman

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Solitaire is the debut novel from nineteen year old Alice Oseman. Full of wit, sarcasm and humour, Solitaire is an excellent Young Adult novel. It uses relatable characters to accurately depict modern teenage life.

I enjoyed the mystery that was created around Solitaire, and I found the antics of the group highly amusing. I especially liked the unexpected ending as it was not what I thought was going to happen. 

I loved the fact that Oseman used modern references, such as BBC Sherlock, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Supernatural, because I understood them and could relate with them. They made the book more enjoyable.

I thought that the character development of Tori was very well done, as she underwent great changes while still remaining the same sarcastic and witty character. I definitely enjoyed the character of Michael Holden, as he was a perfect friend despite his many flaws.

I would recommend Solitaire to teens who enjoyed the unflinchingly honest novels of John Green and Rainbow Rowell.


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