Review: The Ghosts of Heaven – Marcus Sedgwick

IMG_3500 IMG_3501 When I received this novel the first thing that struck me was the beautiful cover art. The artwork reflects the central idea of the spiral that Sedgwick based this novel on. The book is split up into four parts which can be read in any order. I read it in the order that Sedgwick laid out. The first quarter is set in the stone age. It focuses on a girl who wishes to learn the magic of her people. This quarter is unique as it is written in the form of poetry. In the second quarter Anna is accused of being a witch. The chapters in this quarter are short, making it easy to read. A delirious poet watches the seas in the third quarter. Set in an insane asylum, this quarter is possibly my favourite. I loved the characters of both Dexter and Verity. I liked that each chapter is labeled by a date. This made it easy to follow the sequence of the story. The final quarter is set far into the future, as Keir Bowman is woken up for his twelve hours. Every ten years Keir is woken up for his waking time. This time he wakes up to strange circumstances and events that should not have happened. I really enjoyed this fantastic novel from the award winning Marcus Segewick. All four storylines were compelling and captivating. I would recommend this novel to readers between the age of twelve and eighteen.


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