Review: A Song For Ella Grey – David Almond


Claire is proud to say that she is Ella Grey’s best friend. She’s always there for her, through exam stress, through the pressure Ella’s parents are putting on her, through the classes that Ella can’t seem to connect with.

When Orpheus swoops in and captures Ella’s heart, Claire does her best to stick with her best friend. However Ella is distracted, preoccupied with her newfound love.

A Song For Ella Grey is a modern retelling of the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice. In the original tragic love story, Eurydice dies, leaving Orpheus distraught. He journeys through the underworld to make a deal with death and return Eurydice to the living.

I liked Almonds writing style, although it left me confused at times. The book had a very surreal feel to it, which reflected the mystery of the character of Orpheus.

The lyrical style of the novel made it easy to continue reading, as easy chapter seemed to flow into the next. The description of things and people in the novel was very detailed and intricate.

Although the novel was difficult at times to comprehend, I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy modern retellings of Greek mythology.


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