Review: Endgame: The Calling – James Frey & Nils Johnson-Shelton

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The end of the world has come. Twelve players of twelve ancient lines must compete to find the three keys and ensure the survival of their line. These players have to face deception, false alliances and the confusing clues given to them in order to help them find the keys.

When I first read the description of this novel, my first thought was that the novel would be similar to The Hunger Games. The set up seemed very similar and I worried that the novel was going to follow a similar path. But I was wrong. This novel far exceeded my expectations.

I enjoyed how the chapters were laid out, with the characters names as the chapter title and the location of the characters as a subheading.

The storyline was quick-paced and compelling. The story was action packed from the very start. It was realistic (or as realistic as a post apocalyptic story could be), that everything happened so suddenly. There was no time to breathe in this novel, which also meant no time for me to put it down.

I really liked the characters in this novel. I was worried that it was going to get confusing, as there were twelve characters with chapters dedicated to each of them. However, I didn’t find the story hard to follow at all. Some chapters followed the events of various characters at once, making it easier to follow the different storylines.

I really enjoyed this novel and I definitely would recommend it to readers of The Hunger Games and Divergent.


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