Review: A Little Something Different – Sandy Hall


Everyone thinks Gabe and Lea should be together. Their friends, their professor, even the barista in their local Starbucks. The only problem is that Gabe and Lea are too shy to talk to each other.

When they meet in a Creative Writing class, both Gabe and Lea develop crushes on the other. From the encouragement of their friends, each tries to let the other know, but it doesn’t work.

A Little Something Different is a sweet story of college romance told from the perspective of everyone but the two main protagonists. The novel features the perspectives of Gabe and Lea’s friends and family, along with a barista, a waitress, a squirrel and even a bench.

I really enjoyed this approach. It was very fun to see how everyone around them viewed their relationship. I found it interesting to see how the author could tell the story and show the emotions of Gabe and Lea without having a chapter from their perspective.

I really enjoyed the novel because it was sweet and meaningful as well as being silly and humourous. I liked how it dealt with serious issues alongside jokes and cuteness.

I would recommend this book to people looking for a cute read about a sweet romance.


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