Review: The Darkest Part of the Forest – Holly Black


Ever since she was younger, Hazel just wanted to be a knight. She would play in the forest with her brother, Ben, hunting out the creatures that lived there. And then there was the horned boy in the glass coffin, their prince. The siblings fantasized about waking him up.

And then one day it happens.

The waking of the horned boy in the glass coffin causes the town of Fairfold to be in danger. It’s up to Hazel and her friends to save the town and get rid of the monster plaguing the town.

This novel is a perfect combination of fairy magic and modern technology. The two elements work perfectly alongside each other, making this an unforgettable novel.

I loved the characters in this novel. I liked that they were flawed but strong. Hazel was a brave knight, but also had problems with kissing boys and breaking hearts. Ben was loyal to his friends, but idealized the idea of romance, and was in love with the horned boy. Jack and Carter were also interesting characters who I enjoyed reading about.

I would recommend this novel to young adults who enjoy novels with magic, romance and action.


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