Review: Royal Wedding – Meg Cabot

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After six years, bestselling author Meg Cabot has written a new book in the Princess Diaries series. Royal Wedding follows Princess Mia of Genovia as she tackles the problems of an adult, problems which she is not yet accustomed to, which leads to some comical and also insightful stories.

I really enjoyed this novel. It was wonderful to read about Mia being grown up and dealing with issues that are more relevant for older readers, such as what to do when someone cheats on you and how to deal with loss.

This novel was lighthearted and fun, which made it a really enjoyable read. However, despite the overall sense of joy and humor, the book also dealt with some very important and relevant issues.

Readers who enjoyed previous books in the series will love this novel, especially if, like me, they have grown up reading the books about Princess Mia.


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