Review: Drop – Kate Everson

IMG_2452 IMG_2460

Carla has never lived at the same place for longer than 6 months. Her mothers job has meant that the family has had to move numerous times, meaning that Carla has never been able to truly settle down and make friends in the area. When Carla’s mother finally lands the job of her dreams, the family moves to London, where they’re going to stay for longer than Carla has ever been in one place before.

However, this time, Carla doesn’t want to blend into the background at school. She doesn’t want to be just another student. She sets her eyes on the elusive popular group and is determined to join them. But when she does, she finds out that being popular is not all that it seems.

I enjoyed this novel because it was a painstakingly honest story of how drugs can change a person. It also highlights the dangers of peer pressure in regards to drinking and drugs.

I would recommend this novel to teenagers.


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