Review: Demon Road – Derek Landy

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Amber is a sixteen year old girl, who spends most of her time talking to friends online. She is shy and insecure, and prefers to spend her time avoiding her parents and their weird friends.

But when one day a shocking incident reveals a terrifying secret, Amber has to run. She is then plummeted from one horrifying threat to the other, doing her best to fight off the danger all the while trying to find a way to save herself from the pursuit of her parents.

Demon Road comes from Derek Landy, the author of the bestselling Skullduggery Pleasant books. Landy has a distinct humour that is as present in this novel as in the Skullduggery Pleasant books.

I really enjoyed this novel. Full of plot twists, suspenseful moments and action packed scenes, this novel has something for everyone.

I would recommend this novel to any fans of the Supernatural TV series, as well as fans of supernatural creatures and novels.


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