Review: Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer

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Since his mother’s mysterious death, Magnus Chase has lived alone on the streets of Boston. One day his uncle tracks him down to tell him a secret so bizarre it seems impossible: Magnus is the son of a Norse god.

From that moment on, Magnus has to go on a quest that leads to him discovering more about his family and heritage than he could ever have imagined. Along the way he makes some unexpected friends, all of which help him to complete his quest and help delay Ragnarok.

This book was highly entertaining; Magnus is a sarcastic and humorous character. The relationships between characters are very well written. Parts of the novel had me laughing out loud.

I loved how well written the characters were in this novel. Samirah was an excellent character. She was strong and confident, a wonderful female character. Another fantastic character was Hearthstone, an elf. His character is deaf and while that could have been difficult to write into such an action packed book, Riordan did it very well.

I would recommend this book for fans of Riordan’s other novels, especially the Percy Jackson books. However if you haven’t read the previous books, this novel does not hold any spoilers for the story (but it does have some notable references!).


Review: Demon Road – Derek Landy

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Amber is a sixteen year old girl, who spends most of her time talking to friends online. She is shy and insecure, and prefers to spend her time avoiding her parents and their weird friends.

But when one day a shocking incident reveals a terrifying secret, Amber has to run. She is then plummeted from one horrifying threat to the other, doing her best to fight off the danger all the while trying to find a way to save herself from the pursuit of her parents.

Demon Road comes from Derek Landy, the author of the bestselling Skullduggery Pleasant books. Landy has a distinct humour that is as present in this novel as in the Skullduggery Pleasant books.

I really enjoyed this novel. Full of plot twists, suspenseful moments and action packed scenes, this novel has something for everyone.

I would recommend this novel to any fans of the Supernatural TV series, as well as fans of supernatural creatures and novels.

Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here – Patrick Ness

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The Rest of Us Just Live Here is the newest novel from Patrick Ness, the author of The Knife of Letting Go.

All Mikey wants to do is graduate high school. He has nothing to do with the ‘indie kids’ or the school blowing up (not for the first time). Mikey isn’t the ‘chosen one’ and has no desire to be, his problems go as far as trying to work the courage up to ask his friend Henna out.

This novel is not about the ones who fight evil, who save the town, who are considered the heroes. This novel is about the people in the background, living ordinary lives and are uninvolved in whatever horrors the ‘indie kids’ are dealing with.

Each chapter begins with the struggles that the ‘indie kids’ are facing, but the chapters themselves are focused on these background characters. However, instead of being ordinary and trivial, these characters deal with issues that, despite not being a portal of doom opening in the gym, are still important.

This novel deals with relevant issues such as OCD, eating disorders, unrequited love and much more. It proves that a person doesn’t have to be the ‘chosen one’ or fighting evil to be dealing with important things.

I really enjoyed this novel. It’s fun and clever, with a fantastic plotline and wonderful plot twists. I would definitely recommend this book.

Review: Catalyst – Helena Coggan


Rose has been trained in magic and fighting since she was very young, now, as a teenager, she helps her father in his workplace, the Department, where all crime investigations take place. Rose hopes to someday work here, and is planning her further education around getting that job. She just has to pass the test first. Oh, and she also has to make sure no one finds out her secret. A secret she could be killed for.

I really enjoyed this novel. The worldbuilding was fantastic and I liked the characters. The plot was fast paced and exciting.

I’d recommend this book for lovers of The Hunger Games and Divergent.

Review: I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson

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Twins Jude and Noah come from an artistic family, Noah draws and Jude makes sculptures. The two are inseparable until their mother starts to favors one child’s art over the others, a rivalry grows between them. Then a tragedy in the family drives them even further apart.

I really enjoyed this book. It was one that I couldn’t put down. I loved how the book was told from the perspectives of the twins in alternating chapters, and that each twins point of view was set at a different time.

I really liked the characters in this novel, especially Noah. I enjoyed reading about how he saw the world through his art.

The design of the book was fantastic as well. It really conveyed the importance of art throughout the novel.

I adored this novel and I would recommend this fantastic book to lovers of John Green and Rainbow Rowell.

Review: All The Bright Places – Jennifer Niven

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Theodore Finch constantly considers killing himself but is always put off by small things. Violet Markey counts down until graduation, trying to get over the death of her sister. The two meet on the ledge of a bell tower at school, where they save each other. When they pair up for a project, they learn more than information about their state.

All The Bright Places is an emotional and honest novel about teenagers who do their best to save each other from the problems in their lives.

I really enjoyed this novel. The characters were original and unpredictable, even background characters are not always as they seem. I loved the manner in which the relationship between Finch and Violet grew.

This novel is perfect for lovers of John Green and Rainbow Rowell.

Review: It’s About Love – Steven Camden

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It’s About Love is the second novel from London base author Steven Camden. This novel follows the story of Luke, a teenager from the rough part of the city who goes to college at the other site. Here he meets Leia, a girl who’s in the same film studies course as him. It’s About Love follows the growth of their relationship.

However, romantic love is not the only love that this novel is about. It’s about familial love and loyalty, both to family and friends. The novel is more than a romance, it hits at issues that are very topical and real.

This novel far exceeded my expectations, as I had expected a simple romance plot. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the characters of Luke and Leia, how they were so different and from different backgrounds, yet their common love of film partnered with their creativity and motivation brings them together.

The plotline following Luke’s brother, Marc, is teased out throughout the novel, not giving the complete details of the story until near the end of the novel. I loved this, as it gave a sense of mystery and suspense.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. I would recommend this novel to teen readers who enjoy deeply moving and honest novels.